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Mansion Merida on the Park Hotel has a special historical story to tell; the opulence of the XIX century has been newly recreated with luxury comforts. The mansion has been restored, respecting the original style of the French architecture that greatly influenced the city during that period.

Mansion Merida on the Park Luxury Hotel

Today, the Hotel has only 14 beautiful suites, each designed and decorated to provide you with the feeling of living in a Mansion. The Hotel boasts an outdoor pool, a gym, and a spa. Fitting the location of this historic Hotel, is the quiet convenience of being a few minutes walk away from the main square, yet close enough to the most famous Street, Paseo de Montejo. This makes the location perfect for travelers who want to visit the Cathedral and the theatre "Peon Contreras". Originally, this magnificent residence belonged to the industrious Yucatan family, G. Canton; today, after 5 years of painstaking restoration the Hotel is ready receive guests. Upon entering the Mansion one will feel like you are traveling back in time to experience the splendor that the city of Merida once enjoyed due to one crop: Sisal. This region was influenced greatly by the trends in Europe; it was convenient for the upper class citizens to use the port of Sisal to bring in by ship that entire one would want to decorate their mansions, European furniture, decorative accessories, and even crystal chandeliers. Book a stay at Mansion Merida to understand the architectural glory that was Merida during the belle epoch period.

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Mansion Merida

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