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Offers an innovative and authentic local experience that exceeds the expectations of the modern traveler and the local community alike. thelocal Hotels Mazatlán is located directly on the beach with breathtaking views of the sunset over the Mazatlán Pacific coastline. Indulge yourself in authentic Mazatlán hospitality.

The Local Hotel in Mazatlan golden zone.

To complete your experience at thelocal Hotels and enjoy not only its great ambience, we encourages relaxation, but also the possibility of caring for your body and mind. thelocal Hotels is situated in Zona Dorada or “Golden Zone”, where the best hotels, restaurants and shops are situated, here you’ll discover several first-rate beaches. Tourists, merchants and surfers converge on the beach, and the atmosphere is quite lively. Whether you’re in the city and just want a quick dip in the ocean, or you’re out in the countryside exploring all the best day trips from Mazatlán, some world-class beach spots will pique your interest.

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The Local Hotel Mazatlan

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