• 03/04/2018

Ixtapa is a special place to vacation, which is wrapped in an environment of peace and nature, is perfect for people who want to take a vacation from their hard routine and escape to a relaxing place, other than the traditional tourist destinations that fill , thus having a feeling of adventure and relaxation much more private, since Ixtapa offers endless tourist activities designed to free and stimulate visitors of all that stress.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo is surrounded by exuberant vegetation in which you can perform different ecotourism activities, such as: take a quiet horseback ride to appreciate its beautiful landscapes, walk through its extensive nature reserves to observe wildlife, or even appreciate a beautiful sunset walking by the beach to look for turtles and see the wonderful natural spectacle that is the spawning of this species.

In Ixtapa you can also experience the traditional activities offered by most of the ports (such as diving and snorkeling), you will also appreciate unique moments, such as the turtle nesting season, which is certainly a magical moment to them, and that Ixtapa will take care that it is for you too.

Here are a few of the activities you can do in Ixtapa:


If there is something that characterizes Ixtapa is the great ability to adapt to all tastes, which in this case can be snorkeled, dive 3 meters to dive in 30-meter guns, for all tastes, all always safe and supervised by experts who will guarantee that your experience is unique at all times.

Walk through the bay:

In this tour you can see various elements of the natural beauty of Ixtapa, such as seeing the olive ridley turtle and being involved in the preservation of its species as it is in danger of extinction, at the same time dazzle with the remarkable scenarios that Ixtapa can offer us.

Sport fishing:

An activity that does not need to be mentioned, dare to experience the unique pull of the animal, which has captivated people for generations because of how exciting it is.


Tour the waters of Ixtapa by sailing, an activity that is certainly rewarding and extremely fun, which thanks to the experts allows you to be a participant in surfing the waves.


The crystalline waters of Ixtapa are the perfect place to practice this activity safely and consistently, being able to develop your skills and be able to master a few waves thanks to the experts.

All terrain vehicles:

Take a tour of the magnificent natural scenery of Huatulco aboard a magnificent all-terrain vehicle

Night life:

As I mentioned before Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is not a classic destination to explode or spring break, since it is mainly focused on providing the best tranquility and adventure without evoking the extreme bustle, beyond this it has several offers of nightly entertainment; small and cozy bars that you can find in Zihuatanejo from the most sophisticated lounge overlooking the bay, to the most romantic bar in the center of Zihuatanejo that to the rhythm of the trova, salsa and boleros will make you live unforgettable moments.

Adventure Park:

A perfect place for ecotourism in general for young and old.

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