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It is an incredible experience to discover many of this touristic activities that can be done in Acapulco, some of them are calm, and some of them are only for the very few brave adventurers, Acapulco has a wider range of activities than most of the ports, and that also means that it may contain the perfect activity for everyone.

Acapulco has always been one of the most important tourist ports in Mexico with a diverse variety of activities to do just as:

The quebrada:

 Feel the adrenaline of fending of a cliff into the water, one of the representative activities in Acapulco and that you should really try. come from the heights of the rocks towards the stunning sea and live in the flesh of fun and adrenaline. 

The bungee:

A similar but less extreme activity that involves jumping directly into the beach only for the most daring, which prostrates on a restaurant where you can relax to the sound of the waves


The largest over-the sea zipline in the world {1800m} travel 120 km/h (100 meters over the sea, marvellous scenery of puerto Marques

Xtasea is a completely new experience in Acapulco that you must experience, it is a new form of adrenaline combined with extremely rich landscapes that only Acapulco can offer.

 Bay cruise:

 Know Acapulco´s history, a port that can tell thousand of stories, Acapulco being one of the most important ports in Mexico, and the first one to be succesful, it has al lot to offer and thoughtout history, it has certainly experienced some important and modernizing changes that you can appreciate thorught this tour



One of the most important aspects of Acapulco's tourism is the nightlife, the port's signature activites are done in the night as well, with very impressive nightclubs generally located near the beach, some of them have seen Acapulco grow through history and many important guests have experienced some of this incredible nighlife here.


"Barra Vieja":

Barra vieja is a place that can not be missed, it is the crossing between virgin open sea, with beautiful and crystalline waters, and a beautiful lagoon, with majestic mangroves, and a great variety of flora and fauna that can be appreciated, especially the abundance of palm trees.

Between these two is a small portion of land where the restaurant area is located, which are well-set restaurants, most with a pool, ready for you to enjoy a cold coconut on the seashore, which will relax you with the calm swell


Of course, it is not necessary to mention, since there is a great variety of services that can take you to the high seas to know the pull of many characteristic species of Mexican waters in your own flesh, a unique experience at least.

Feel the power of a fish in your fishing rod, while traveling through the beautiful landscapes of Acapulco.

Al Acapulco is a tourist port with a lot of history and recent modernizations, it has always kept itself apart from offering the best in terms of tourism, always thinking of the tourist when establishing new facilities, and keeping the coastal area in a optimal state for the enjoyment of the tourist

Hotels such as Las Brisas Acapulco offer various facilities for accessing these services and tours, at Reserva Directo we can offer you advice on these hotels and availability of packs about them.


























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